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Square videos work better

The old saying goes, “Don’t be a square!” That may still be true…unless you’re talking about social video. As video has become the foremost element of social media, we’ve seen a variety of trends that shift online video away from traditional presentations of video. Among these are the growing popularity of non-traditional aspect ratios. Social […]

How Much Should You Spend On Internet Marketing?

Facebook Google+ Twitter LinkedIn Print No matter the industry, successful businesses tend to have one thing in common: they implement strategic marketing plans to increase awareness, drive sales, and help their business grow.If you are a business owner, or are thinking about becoming one, you probably already know how important it is for your business […]

5 Effective Ways to Increase Your Sales Using Social Media Marketing

Facebook 0 Google+ 0 Twitter LinkedIn 0 Email No matter what your business, getting to know your customers and prospective customers by establishing relationships is a necessity.  With so much competition out there, you must set yourself apart. As it turns out, Social media provides the perfect platform.Social media is a primary place internet users spend […]